Emerging Irish Artists 2021

The Irish pop Duo ‘ROOUE’ are twin sisters new to the music scene. The sisters Ro and Lou were born in London, but shortly moved to Dublin which is where they have spent most of their lives. Their music incorporates elements of dark pop melodies and electronic synth sounds. The use of harmonies and catchy hooks used throughout the song creates a dance vibe that takes over. 

The duo have described the writing process and purpose of their latest single ‘What You Want’ with a few words – “it’s about how we as women within the music industry and within everyday life  have felt the pressures to conform within societies expectations. The story line stems from our experience studying in music college, on one hand being forced to be authentic, yet being criticized when not fulfilling their mold whilst reaching our authentic sound”. 

Their new single is streaming on Spotify and their socials are linked below.

Pastiche is a Dublin based electro-pop singer songwriter. She has recently released her latest single “Chasing Down The Fame”. The song features synth sounds, lively drums, and a powerful vocal from Pastiche.

Pastiche explained the meaning behind the song – “the song addresses the idea of achieving fame as a subjective journey; it almost never looks the same. I also think that there is a difference between fame and significance. Fame is usually an accident, but you can claim your own significance. I think this track is me doing that, showcasing my sound and trying to prove that”.

Pastiche mentions how “pop in Ireland always seems to be imported. There are very few successful female Irish pop artists”. Her mission is to “break that barrier” with her music.

Her new single is streaming on Spotify and her socials are linked below.

Nathan Mac is a Dublin based singer songwriter. His style is very unique and describes it as a “cinematic pop” sound. His single ‘Better Off Without You’ currently has over 100,000 streams on Spotify. The piano. synth and drums provide pop elements to the sound with sweet lead vocals and harmonies. Nathan has featured globally on radio stations and in magazines such as HotPress magazine. Big things are on the horizon for Nathan as he begins writing his new album “Start of Something Blue”, which he hopes to release at the end of 2021. He is also working on a circus-musical film which is sure to be exceptional if it’s anything like his other works!

His single and socials are linked below.

Martin McDonnell is a singer song writer based in Dublin that started his career by busking. He played songs by Hozier before pursuing his own music and creative writing process. His latest single has been released called ‘Day by Day’. The song is about his mom being diagnosed with cancer and how they are taking things day by day as a family. Martin has donated €2000 to the Irish Cancer Society and all the proceeds of his song streams will also go to the charity. Check out his socials, YouTube and Spotify for more of his music!

Katie O’Connor is a singer songwriter based in Dublin. Her genres include pop and R&B. She released two singles in 2019. The first is called “Love From Somebody” which features pop elements. Her music is quite similiar to Ariana Grande with her lyrics and embellished vocals. Her second single was a Christmas song called “Here Tonight”. Katie studied in BIMM which is a music college in Dublin. She has performed in venues around Dublin and is definitely one to watch!

Check out her socials and Spotify below.

N.O.A.H are a modern rock band with an influence of pop and electronic music. The band established in January 2020. The band name was chosen because of the biblical story of Noahs Ark and it means ‘new beginnings’. The band said this is their core value as a group and it gives them inspiration. The band members include Ryan Hill, lead vocalist, Adam Rooney, bass guitarist and Ronan Hynes, drummer. Their latest single is called “Shine” and is streaming now on Spotify! I expect big things in the future from this band.

Check out their socials and Spotify to keep up to date for new music!