My Top 10 Music Podcasts Recommendations

1. Setlist

Setlist is a podcast that discusses all topics related to the music industry from copyright scandals, music business news and events. The latest episode is linked where the hosts Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review the best music of 2020, PRS collection society royalty rates and Taylor Swifts new album.

2. Dissect

Dissect is a podcast that analyses artists albums through the song lyrics to get a deeper insight into what the songs are about and understand the artist’s creative writing process. Episodes include analyses on top artists music such as Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. The episode linked is a review of Childish Gambino’s 2013 album “Because The Internet”.

3. Rolling Stone Music Now

he Rolling Stone Music Now podcast is hosted by the writers and editors of the Rolling Stone. The hosts talk about everything from the biggest stories in music history, interviews with top of the chart artists, new music and industry news. The latest episode which is linked here is called “Diane Warren: My Life in Songs” which is about the songwriters life and music throughout her career.

4. Soul Music

Soul Music is a podcast about artists and music that created a huge impact on society with their creativity, innovation and diversity. Their latest episode is about David Bowie’s single “Life on Mars” which was a huge hit during its time in the 1970s. The song explored alienation and disillusionment and has interesting lyrics. Bowie was ahead of his time and contributed greatly to the music industry, especially the genres of rock and popular music in general.

5. The Music Biz Weekly

The Music Biz weekly is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert. The hosts talk about all things music from news, artists, marketing and the overall business. The latest episode linked discusses how live streaming concerts is not the same as in person concerts as we know it. They chat about how the music industry has adapted during COVID-19 and what fans should consider when watching a live stream show.

6. Song Exploder

The Song Exploder podcast is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway. It is a space where musicians deconstruct their songs to explain in depth their creative process and the meaning behind the lyrics. The artists discuss their ideas, sounds and influences. The latest episode welcomes Yusuf / Cat Stevens, a rock and roll singer songwriter. His song ‘Father and Son’ was released in 1970. He released a new version of the song in 2020, where he sings the ‘father’ part as himself now and the ‘son’ part is a recording of him back in the 70’s. Both recordings are 50 years apart which is interesting. He explains his artistic vision for this new version throughout the podcast.

7. Black Girl Songbook

The Black Girl Songbook is a new podcast on the scene hosted by Danyel Smith. She celebrates and amplifies black women in the music industry giving them the platform they deserve to reflect on their endless talent and success. The first episode is about the iconic Whitney Houston and her performance at the Super Bowl in 1991. She plays clips of her songs and tells stories about Whitney’s amazing career and accomplishments. The host reminisces on the 90’s era and the music landscape during that time.

8. Questlove Supreme

Questlove Supreme is a weekly podcast hosted by iHeartRadio. The podcast tells educational stories about music legends and pop culture. There are interviews with iconic guests such as Chaka Khan, Solange, Babyface and so much more!

9. Sound Opinions

Sound Opinions is a podcast based in Chicago that discusses the different musical genres, music history, and the most legendary artists and albums of all time. Tune into their 800th episode where the hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot discuss the show over the last few years.

10. Music Production Podcast

The Music Production Podcast is hosted by Brian Funk where he discusses everything about music production from techniques, theories, equipment, and creativity. Check out the latest episode with well known producers, Henny Tha Bizness and Kennard Garrett discuss their work with artists like Drake, Lil Wayne and Jay Z.

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