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Transparency in the Streaming Economy

There have always been unanswered questions regarding Spotify’s payouts to artists and how streams are calculated for royalty payment. Finally, Spotify have launched their new website ‘Loud & Clear’ which provides more clarity and transparency on the streaming economy. Artists have been put into certain categories to show each groups collective revenue share and Spotify […]

My Top 10 Music Podcasts Recommendations

1. Setlist Setlist is a podcast that discusses all topics related to the music industry from copyright scandals, music business news and events. The latest episode is linked where the hosts Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review the best music of 2020, PRS collection society royalty rates and Taylor Swifts new album. 2. Dissect Dissect […]

Music Industry Networking: The Value of Connections

Music industry conferences are a clever way to network and meet new people within your field of work. They are great places to hear industry professionals speak about different industry trends and their journeys working on the music scene. There is a lot to be learned from attending conferences from broadening your knowledge and listening […]